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As a woman, you are aware of the fact that pregnancy brings down your appearance, leaving you feel disappointed with the way you look.  Women love their children and hence, a large part of their lives goes in nurturing them. However, the new age moms have realized the fact that while they look good, they can look better with the help of certain treatments. Who wouldn’t want to restore back their youthful appearance? This is the reason why Mommy Makeover exists!

Indian Board-Certified Plastic Cosmetic Surgeon with International expertise and qualification Dr. Milan Doshi works on all those areas that need improvement after pregnancy, allowing you to lead a more fulfilled and comfortable life. In the last few years, a greater level of improvement has been seen in medical technologies, medication and anaesthesia, eliminating the risks and fears. A detailed consultation with the mommy makeover surgeon can help you further.

Dr. Doshi has an extensive experience in Mommy Makeover and often guides physicians from all over the country about the surgical techniques. He is aware of all the modern treatments that are used in his field of expertise. Moreover, he makes sure that he is continuously upgrading his knowledge and skills by attending workshops and seminars.

Dr. Doshi’s approach is to ensure that the person achieves total well-being – peace, happiness, and fulfilment. While beautifying the person from outside, he makes sure that the person feels beautiful from within. He believes in providing a level of satisfaction and harmony unparalleled by other mommy makeover surgeons.

Known as one of the top mommy makeover surgeons in India, Dr. Milan Doshi uses highly advanced methods and provides unique guidance to the patients for their complete satisfaction. He has a vast experience as a mommy makeover doctor, who understands a woman’s requirement and suggests them the best treatment to help them achieve aesthetically-pleasing, youthful and natural results. He has successfully performed gynecomastia operations for many.

He is a founder and Medical Director at Vardan Nursing Home (Goregaon East) and Allure Medspa (Andheri West), respectively. He ensures that each of his patients is given the most suitable treatment and personalized care for their optimum satisfaction.

Please take a moment to review some of his results before and after surgery photos. These results prove just the beginning. Because quality, results, and the overall experience of mommy makeover begin first and foremost with you, a lady, and it is Aesthetic Surgeon Dr. Doshi’s goal to help you not only love the results of your surgery, but also enjoy the process.

He focuses on you, and provides the finest personal service and facilities so that you will always enjoy a warm, relaxed, yet refined ambiance. Top Aesthetic Surgeon Mr. Doshi has been innovate in designing new instruments, simulators and advanced cosmetic surgical techniques. While Dr. Milan Doshi’s qualifications and training attest to his knowledge, it’s his surgical skills and his dedication to excellence and commitment to personalized, quality care that is the basis of his greatest recognition.

Dr. Doshi established Allure Medspa with one specific goal – to break down the traditional doctor-patient barrier and create an environment where patients feel comfortable and relaxed. Dr. Milan Doshi treats every patient as if they are family members. In fact, many patients comment that talking in his consultation room is like sitting around the kitchen table with good friends.

Doshi’s Allure Medspa is one of the biggest ISO 2001:2008 Certified Mommy Makeover Center. With a worry-free approach, Allure Medspa will ensure your cosmetic enhancement goes exactly the way you want it to.

To find out more about the mommy makeover surgery cost or to organize a consultation, contact us today on +91 9869041559 or Email your queries to us at alluremedspa.in@gmail.com.

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Celebrity Cosmetic/ Plastic Surgeon- Dr Milan Doshi

Known as one of the best mommy makeover surgeons in India, Dr. Milan Doshi has 10+ experience, uses highly advanced methods and provides unique guidance to the patients for their complete satisfaction… Read more

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